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Blog change December 6, 2009

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I wrote something in that blog a long time ago, I changed blog, if you still wanting for some tips in those virtual surgery games you may go to my new blog skdisciple.wordpress.com. I’m a better writer now and I didn’t just talk about medicine. Check, you won’t regret.


Honor Hall October 17, 2009

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After some days without post anithing I return with a prize to the best surgeons of Toolworks Hospital, some new players must be having some problems with diagnose, tomorrow (or today) I’ll bring more informations to diagnose your poor patients. Now let’s get back with the real motive that I’m wirting here.

After you make your first well done surgery you must be asking yourself “Do I get a prize?”, “a promotion?”, “a new brand car?”, “momma will be proud?”, “it’s gonna rain?”, and anothers things like. No, you won’t get a promotion, but you recieve another thing, it’s not so good like a brand new carbut you will be the second surgeon of Toolworks Hospital to get a place into the Neurosurgery Honor Hall (The first it’s your chief, Ryan T. Skeleton).

There’s three honor halls, one for subdural hematoma (very easy), aneurysm, and Brain tumor. Personally, I managed to get into these three honor halls jut after 84 patients, and after a half year playing this game.

Download links for L&D2 and Useful Tips October 13, 2009

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Let’s start with the tips:

  • Before you do a surgery check the exams again, and be sure of the trauma/aneuurysm/tumor side, this is critical.
  • Always call Heidi for surgery she’s good with EKG, and will give you the correct diagnose about heart situation of the patient.
  • Remember PVC->Lidocaine and  Bradycardia->antropine.
  • The normal blood pressure is 110/80, if you patient get a low pressure give it a dopamine injecion.
  • If you give to your patient a niprossitude, it’s normal he gets a lower pressure. In that case DO NOT GIVE DOPAMINE, or  he will die.
  • Check the urine bag every three minutes to ensure that the patient will not die by ranl shock.
  • Be a good surgeon and did not keep your patients awaiting for you meanwhile you speak with the psycological computer of when you drink a cofee into cafeteria.

Link to download:


Ps.: There’s no good site to give you advices to L&D games, because that I’ve created this blog.

Next Post: Surgery Videos from Life and Death 2: The Brain!

Life & Death 2: The Brain (review) October 11, 2009

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There is so much things to talk about the first L&D game, but I like so much the second version of this game that I can’t await to write something about it. LD2 is also made by Toolworks, but things like graphs and gameplay are so much better than the first edition, sounds can be better. Again you take a role of a resident into Toolworks Hospital, but that time you’re a neurosurgeon.

It’s harder than the first, but there is a in game  a “med school” where the player will found everything that he (or she) will need, surgery procedures, diagnoses, treatment, and another’s. Now instead two surgeries types the play will face three realistic surgeries, like subdural hematoma, brain aneurysm or brain tumor.

The player now can talk with another character beyond the receptionist

(now she’s an oldie),

this character may give some hopefuladvices to the player. There’s too a “psycological computer” where the player can state his problem and the computer will give psycologhycal advices or solutions

(I like to play with the computer).

The chief name is Ryan T. Skeleton, a renomed neurosurgeon of hall of fame. Also there have been a large number of improvements such as more informative diagnoses. You get to examine most of there body this time (face, arms and legs). Also, you will have a number of new tools such as a hammer, pin, CAT scan and MRI scan.

Life & Death (LND) October 10, 2009

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Life & Death, sometimes Life and Death, is a simulation game made by The Software Toolworks and published in 1988 (yes, it’s an old game, but it still fun). In the game the player are a resident abdominal surgeon, you have to diagnose and treat your patients, the diseases that the player must find are: kidney stones, arthritis, appendicitis and aneuritic aorta. Some of those diseases may need surgery, and here is the most fun part of the game.

In the beginning it’s common the player do many mistakes and hear you chief saying what you do wrong (sometimes he don’t say the correct way), but as you get experienced many patients will be saved.

There are many videos in YouTube of surgeries. Below the link to download the game from abandonia.com (it’s free):


The left pic is the cover of the game

Surgery video from Life and Death October 10, 2009

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Appendicetomy surgery:

Introduction October 10, 2009

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This is my first post (of course!), in this blog I’ll post everything that I know about medical based simulation games and similar starting with my favorites: Life & Death, Life & Death II: The Brain, Virtual Surgeon 4, Theme Hospital, and another’s. I know very much especially about LD2 (Life & Death II), because I’m studying to be neurosurgeon, and that helps a lot.

Here you will found manuals, videos from OR (virtual or real), download links (principally abandonia.com), and reviews from new medical games, soon I’ll post a review about LND (Life & Death).